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It can be widely used in such applications as sintering and heating elements of ceramics, magnet, glass, metallurgy, refractory, etc.

H-shaped silicon heating element is manufactured by taking two carefully-matched SiC rods and welding a thickened silicon carbide bridge. This element provides for wiring both tail ends from one side of the furnace. The tail ends of the cold ends are metallized with aluminum, which can provide a low-resistance contact surface to the aluminum connection straps and clamps.

Silicon carbide (SiC) Heating Element is a kind of non-metal rod or tube shape high temperature electric heating element.It is made of selected super purity green hexagonal silicon carbide as main material, which is made into blank and silicon crystal under high temperature of2400ºC. In oxidizing atmosphere, its service temperature can reach 1450°C and continuous use life can reach 2000 hours.

The silicon carbide rod is hard and brittle, has a small expansion coefficient, good cold and heat resistance, and is not easy to deform,

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