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Anti Abrasion Inconel 718 Rod 3.0mm Nickel Chromium Alloys

This product is characterized by high temperature resistance, fast heating, long service life, stable resistance, small power deviation, uniform pitch after stretching, bright and clean surface, widely used in small electric furnaces, muffle furnaces, heating and air conditioning equipment, all kinds of ovens, electric heating pipes and household appliances. According to the needs of users, we can design and produce a variety of non-standard industrial and civil stoves.

Alloy 625 is face-centered cubic lattice structure. Dissolve out the carbon granule and instability quaternary phase, then change it to stability Ni3 (Nb,Ti) trimetric lattice around 650°C after a long time heat preservation. nickel-chromium content will strength the mechanical performance in the state solution while suppress the plasticity.