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Latest company news about Problems and precautions in the use of SiC

Problems and precautions in the use of SiC

[2022-02-27 16:02:40]
Problems and precautions in the use of SiC 1、 Note: (1) For continuous operation kilns and material channels, the voltage adjustment range is 0.7 ~ 2.0V (V refers to the voltage used at the initial stage of silicon carbide rod elements). The service life of silicon carbide components can be ... Read More
Latest company news about Price adjustment letter

Price adjustment letter

[2021-09-25 10:50:45]
斯帕克实业(河南)有限公司 Spark Industry (Henan) Co., Ltd Tel: 0371-62896380 WhatsApp:+8613213018158 E-mail:Limeng@resistiveheatingelement.com info@resistiveheatingelement.com Web:http://www.resistiveheatingelement.com Price adjustment letter Dear customer Hello! First of all, thank you for your long-term ... Read More
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