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1450C Silicon Carbide Heating Element

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1450C Silicon Carbide Heating Element

1450C Silicon Carbide Heating Element
1450C Silicon Carbide Heating Element
1450C Silicon Carbide Heating Element 1450C Silicon Carbide Heating Element 1450C Silicon Carbide Heating Element 1450C Silicon Carbide Heating Element

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: He'nan, China
Brand Name: Spark
Certification: SGS
Model Number: All-Type
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10Pcs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard Wooden Case with Sponge and Carton inside
Delivery Time: 7-30 Days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 100000 PCS/Month

1450C Silicon Carbide Heating Element

Product Name: L Type Silicon Carbide Heating Element Condition: New
Material: Silicon Carbide (SiC) Shape: L Type
Power Source: Electric Working Temperature: Up To 1450℃
Application: Electric Heating Devices After-sales Service: Online Support
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1450C Silicon Carbide Heating Element


20mm SiC Heating Element


20mm Silicon Carbide Heating Element

L Type Silicon Carbide Heating Element For Electric Heating Devices


Silicon Carbide Heating Element Features

  1. High strength and excellent shock resistance;
  2. Heat source is free of noise and air pollution;
  3. Easy installation and maintenance.
  4. Excellent specific rate of heat zone resistance and cold end resistance,
  5. Avoiding over-temperature of cold ends to damage the furnace body.
  6. Saving energy


1450C Silicon Carbide Heating Element 0

1450C Silicon Carbide Heating Element 1

Normally the following should be given when describing any type of SiC heating elements:

  • Type: ED, U, W, SC, SCR, DB,G, H, or DM
  • Outside Diameter (OD) : mm
  • Length of Hot Zone (HZ) :mm
  • Length of Cold Zone (CZ) :mm
  • Length of Overall(OL):mm
  • Center Distance (A) :mm
  • Resistance (at 1050℃+/-50℃) :Ω


Physical property of SIC heating element

specific gravity 2.6~2.8g/cm³ bend strength >300kg
hardness >9MOH’S tensile strength >150kg/cm³
porosity rate <30% radiance 0.85


Recommended surface load and Influences to Surfaces of the Elements in Different Operating TemperatureS

atmosphere Furnace Temperature(°C) Surface Load(W/cm2) The influence on the Rod
Ammonia 1290 3.8 The action on SiC produces methane and destroys the protection film of SiO2
Carbon dioxide 1450 3.1 Corrode SiC
Carbon monoxide 1370 3.8 Absorb carbon powder and influence the protection film of SiO2
Halogen 704 3.8 Corrode SiC and destroy the protection film of SiO2
Hydrogen 1290 3.1 The action on SiC produces methane and destroys the protection film of SiO2
Nitrogen 1370 3.1 The action on SiC produces insulating layer of silicon nitride
Sodium 1310 3.8 Corrode SiC
silicon dioxide 1310 3.8 Corrode SiC
Oxygen 1310 3.8 SiC oxidized
Water-vapor 1090-1370 3.1-3.6 The action on SiC produces hydrate of silicon
Hydrocarbon 1370 3.1 Absorb carbon powder resulted in Hot pollution


Silicon Carbide Heating Element Installation


1. In order to keep the furnace temperature and the charges uniform of each element, resistance value must be matched first before installation, arrange those with close current values on the same circuit.

2. As the heating elements are made of ceramic, avoid damage from mechanical shock.

3. The diameter of a piercing hole drilled through the furnace should be about 1.5 times the diameter of element's end section. Size under 20mm is suitable for brick layers up to 150mm in thickness. Size under 25mm is suitable for brick layers up to 250mm in thickness.
When brick layers are thicker than the above thickness, widen the piercing hole diameter more 5mm.
When SG type element is used, take 5mm more margin than the above value.

4. Silicon Carbide elements are electrically conductive. Care should be taken to avoid electric leakage due to direct contact with a conductive material or electric shock to a human body.

5. An equal length of element's cold zone should protrude out of the furnace. Elements should be installed so that the heating section( hot zone) does not intrude into the furnace wall. Install the elements at the center of the piercing hole, and lightly pack ceramic fiber around the element.

6. Make sure that neither the terminal clamp nor the terminal strap will contact the furnace wall directly. The terminal strap must have enough slack to give under finger pressure.

7. After completing connections, turn on electricity after lightly pressing the heating element with a finger tip and make sure it will move easily.

8. When replacing elements, it is recommended to replace all heating elements in the same circuit, otherwise the resistance difference new and old elements can cause a load imbalance. This imbalance results in the newer elements' loading being greater which could shorten its service lift. It is recommended that older, or " aged" elements be used on the same circuit.

9. When start to run the furnace, raise voltage slowly and gradually never give full load at one time, otherwise, the heating element will be damaged by over current impulse.

10. As the resistance of all silicon carbide elements increases during use a variable voltage power supply is usually provided. The power supply may consist of a step transformer, thyristor, or a combination of both. The type of equipment used may effect the element performance and therefore the necessary appliances shall be selected carefully.

11. Before use the new furnace or the furnace that has not been used for a long time, they must be dried. While drying, it better to use old elements or other heat source.

12. While sinter products or materials, if there is water ejection, the furnace should have holes to eject water vapor or other waste gases in order to protect the elements service life.

If you have any question or special requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always here for you.


Notice for using and installing:

1. Heater should be protected against damp during storing or installing to ensure the performance of the heater.

2. In order to be sure of well-distributed lod of each and groups, heater should be divided before assembling. The tolerance of the resistance of each one cannot exceed by 10% each other.

3. Heater is hard and brittle, please be careful when assembling and maintaining so as to avoid damage.

4. When operating the electric furnace at the beginning, the voltage should be increased slowly and cannot be fully loaded at once. Otherwise the larger current will be resulted in the damage of heater.

5. When heater is damaged and need to be changed, the resistance of new one should follow the increasing resistance. If many are damaged or resistance increased too much, heater should be changed.

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