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Alumina Ceramic chip

Ceramic sheets and boards are stock shapes available as solid plates, slabs, and substrates. The board or plate may consist of a ceramic fiberboard product, a dense sintered ceramic plate, or a precast cement bonded slab.
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Custom Zirconia Ceramic Tube

Ceramic tubes are ceramics used in certain devices, equipment, or structures that can withstand static or dynamic mechanical loads under high temperature conditions. It has a high melting point, high high-temperature strength, and small high-temperature creep performance, as well as good heat shock resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and structural stability. High temperature structural ceramics include two categories: high-temperature oxides and high-temperature non oxides (also known as refractory compounds).
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Customized Industrial Aluminum Ceramic Tube

Alumina ceramics have good conductivity, mechanical strength, and high temperature resistance. It should be noted that ultrasonic cleaning is required. Alumina ceramics are a widely used ceramic, and due to their superior performance, their applications in modern society have become increasingly widespread, meeting the needs of daily use and special performance.
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High Pressure Atomising Zirconia Nozzles

Zirconia ceramic nozzle have high wear resistance, which is twice as good as metal materials. Combined with polishing technology, their surface roughness reaches 0.03 μ m. Effectively reducing the resistance of liquid flowing through the in ner wall of the nozzle and improving injection efficiency.
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High Temperature White 99.7% Alumina Ceramic Tube

High purity aluminum oxide powder is a white micro powder with uniform particle size, easy to disperse, stable chemical properties, moderate high-temperature shrinkage performance, and good sintering performance; High conversion rate and low sodium content. This product is the basic raw material for producing heat-resistant, wear-resistant, and corroData Sheet
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