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Features of the dental sintering furnace with high quality / dental lab furnace

Muffle furnace is commonly used equipment in laboratory.Adopting new heat preservation material and unique operating system, it has the characteristics of accurate temperature control, simple operation, high efficiency and energy saving.Suitable for coal, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, geology, scientific research institutions, industrial and mining enterprises and institutions of higher learning and other units laboratory sintering, heating, metal annealing, quality testing,the rmochemical analysis and heat treatment.

Atmosphere Furnace is used in many industrial and laboratory research applications, where heat treatment is done under inert atmosphere. This inert atmosphere furnace is supplied with vacuum pump, gas flow meter and needle valves for vacuum and gas purge. Usually, Argon (Ar) and Nitrogen (N2) gases are used to create inert atmosphere. For specific applications; where, hydrogen gas is used, we also make such atmosphere furnace with explosion proof safety provisions.

Vacuum furnace, that is, in the specific space of the furnace cavity, a vacuum system (which is carefully assembled by components such as vacuum pumps, vacuum measuring devices, vacuum valves, etc.) is used to discharge part of the material in the furnace cavity, so that the pressure in the furnace cavity is less than one standard atmospheric pressure. , the space in the furnace cavity to achieve a vacuum state, which is a vacuum furnace.

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