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SIlicon heating elements


Apr 19,2024

Silicon carbon rod is an important material used in metallurgy, machinery, power and other fields, which has excellent properties such as high strength, wear resistance, and high temperature resistance. In the production process, to ensure good quality, it is necessary to strictly control every step.

Firstly, the production of silicon carbide rods starts with the selection of raw materials. When selecting raw materials, it is important to ensure that the quality of the materials meets the standards and to prevent the use of inferior materials. The main raw materials for the production of silicon carbide rods include graphite, graphite coke, silica sand, diatomaceous earth, coke, etc. Among them, graphite is the main raw material for silicon carbon rods, and the quality directly affects the performance of silicon carbon rods.

Secondly, the production of silicon carbide rods requires multiple processes such as mixing, pressing, and calcination. During the mixing process, it is important to ensure that all raw materials are thoroughly and evenly mixed to avoid impurities or unevenness. During the pressing process, it is necessary to ensure that the pressure and temperature are moderate, not too high or too low, to avoid affecting the density and strength of the silicon carbide rod. During the calcination process, it is necessary to control the calcination temperature and time to ensure the structural stability of the silicon carbon rod and prevent cracking.

Finally, the quality inspection of silicon carbide rods is also a very important link. During the production process, strict testing should be carried out on various performance indicators of silicon carbide rods, including hardness, compressive strength, conductivity, etc. Only by ensuring that the performance of the silicon carbide rod meets the requirements can its quality be guaranteed.

Overall, the production process of silicon carbide rods requires strict control over the selection of raw materials, process flow, and quality inspection to ensure good quality of silicon carbide rods. Only by strictly controlling every step can we produce silicon carbide rods that meet the standards and meet the needs of our customers.