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Frequently Asked Questions on Daily Use of Silicon Carbon Rods


Nov 20,2023

1, the wiring method of silicon carbon rods
According to the triangle connection method, the applicable voltage of the silicon carbon rod itself must be 380 volts; if the applicable voltage of the silicon carbon rod is 220 volts, used in the 380-volt circuit, you can only use the star connection method. After wiring, use a multimeter to measure the resistance value to ensure that all connected.
2、Silicon carbon rods oxidized to generate high resistance value problem
Silicon-carbon rods in the low-temperature zone for too long, was oxidized, and then the resistance value becomes high, thus affecting the heating thermal efficiency in the furnace, there is no other solution in this case, can only go to the replacement of new silicon-carbon rods.
3, the newly purchased silicon carbon rods in the process of transportation breakage of the treatment method
If the weld and not heat the cold end of the break, you can return to the manufacturer, with special equipment for welding, does not affect the use of the effect. If the middle of the silicon carbon rod heating body breaks, it can not be used, for the heating body size is relatively long, you can also return to the factory welding, but there is a certain impact on the furnace temperature, because after returning to the factory to repair, the fracture has a length of nearly 100 millimeters does not heat up.
    The above is about silicon carbon rods in the daily use of some common problems and corresponding solutions, silicon carbon rods are commonly used for 1400 degrees tube furnace pole heat parts.