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What are the uses and heating considerations for silicon platinum rods?


Nov 20,2023

As an aluminum-silicon compound, disilicide key, also known as siliconized zu, is used in many products. Let's take a look at the uses of silver disilicide heaters. Yantai Torch Specialty High Temperature Ceramics Co.
Limited company as follows.
1. Energy and chemical industry: electric heating elements, high-temperature heat exchangers for atomic reactor devices, gas burners, high-temperature thermocouples and their protection tubes, melting containers (for melting sodium, lithium, lead, tin and other metals).
2. Microelectronics industry: MoSi2 and some other refractory metal silicides T5S3, WSi2, TaSi2 and so on. Is an important candidate for LSI interconnect film.
3,Aerospace industry:As a high temperature antioxidant coating, it has been intensively studied and applied. Especially for turbine engine components such as blades, impellers, combustors, tail nozzles and seals.
4. Automotive industry: automotive turbine engine turbocharged poly rotor, valve body, spark race, engine parts Silver silicide heater can be used for high temperature oxidation resistant coating materials, electric heating elements, integrated electrode film, structural materials, composite reinforcement materials, wear-resistant materials, structural ceramic connecting materials and so on.
1)When the temperature of silicon silver rod rises, the resistance will increase sharply, and it will consume a lot of current at the beginning. So we should use a lower voltage when using, the starting current should be 25%-30% of the normal working voltage. The starting current should be 25%-30% of the normal working voltage, and the starting current should not be more than 300 A. It can be used after 15 minutes of normal working voltage.
2) In use, we should always check whether the wire clamp is clamped and whether the wire is loose to prevent component damage or other safety hazards.
3)The continuous service life of silicon silver rods is longer than the inter-song service life. Repeated heating and cooling in the electric furnace, will make the silicon silver law frequent expansion and contraction, resulting in part of the protective film of silica off, 800 The following is not straight frequent use.
4) Silicon silver floor different thousand silicon carbon floor, in the use of the process will not be aging, so the old floor can be used in conjunction with the new floor
5) When used, the silicon dioxide protective film will meet the hydrogen gas reduction reaction will occur, destroying the silicon dioxide protective film. After using in hydrogen atmosphere, it should be heated at 1500 for 1 hour to make the silicon platinum legal The surface of the silica protective film regeneration.