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Several precautions for using silicon carbon rods


Jan 10,2022

First of all, the silicon carbon rods are heated to form a dense film of silicon oxide, which generates an antioxidant protective film and prolongs the life of the rods. In the process of using silicon carbon rods, you can use the coating for gas in the furnace to prevent the cracking of silicon carbon rods .
Secondly, in the process of using the silicon carbon rods, the higher the temperature of the surface of the silicon carbon rods, which means the higher the electric flow of the silicon carbon rods! Generally the effective heating length of the silicon carbon rod is within Δ60℃. The actual power on the surface of the silicon carbon rod is determined by the internal temperature of the furnace and the temperature of the surface of the silicon carbon rod.
Silicon Molybdenum Rod Current Intensity. When using silicon carbon rods, there must be good contact between the power supply line and the components, to avoid excessive heating of the resistance and thus causing burnt wiring. Due to the thermal expansion of the silicon molybdenum rod operation process caused by the power supply line slack, should be tightened before use of the power supply line connector.
Operation of the silicon molybdenum rods. Generally speaking, molybdenum rods are used continuously for much longer than intermittent service life, due to the large damage during cooling of the silicon molybdenum rods. If and when the electric heating unit stops working, the unit should be kept in a hot state.  
Silicon molybdenum rods operating environment, silicon molybdenum rods in an oxidizing environment such as air, oxygen, water vapor or carbon dioxide, silicon molybdenum rods components have a long life, if the silicon molybdenum rods due to the oxidized layer in the cooling of the easily peeled off, the use of the components before the use of the components must be re-oxidized once 
Silicon carbon rods will be as the temperature becomes higher, the surface oxidation rate will be faster, the shorter the life! In the process of use, try to choose parallel connection, so as to avoid damage due to the concentration of resistance load!