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Factors that jeopardize the service life of components in use:


Jul 28,2022

 Silicon molybdenum rod electric heating material life in addition to the essential quality of the components of the difference has been jeopardized, but also by the application of the temperature of the components, the components of the hot part of the surface load, the natural environment atmosphere, hazardous substances, power supply system methods (interruptions and continuous application) and its components in the application of the whole process of the series and parallel connection method and other elements of the hazards of the application of the components of the load in the various temperatures.
  Silicon molybdenum rod heating materials are resistant to acidic corrosion in applications, but in alkaline atmospheres and other natural environments the resulting silica protective film is damaged and suffers varying levels of damage during service life. Components in a variety of atmospheres allow the application of higher temperatures and surface loads.
Silicon molybdenum rods apply high temperature, with heat resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, rapid heating, long service life, high temperature deformation is small, easy to install and maintenance and other characteristics, and has excellent organic chemical reliability. With automation technology electronic control system supporting facilities, you can get a good stable temperature, but also according to the production process must be fully automatic temperature control according to the curve. Application of silicon molybdenum rod heating is both convenient and reliable. Has been widely used in electronic devices, permanent magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, porcelain, laminated glass, semiconductor materials, profiling and testing, scientific research and other high-temperature industries, into the tunnel kiln, roller kiln, glass kiln furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, box-type resistance furnace, smelting furnace and its various heating equipment, electric heater components. I do not know, many users usually in the purchase and application of rice sorghum, often appear "broken stick situation", really troublesome.
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