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Precautions for heating silicon platinum rods in tube furnaces


Nov 20,2023

1)Silicon aluminum rods will rise with the temperature and the resistance will sharply becomes larger, and it will consume a lot of current at the beginning, so when we are using it Use a lower voltage, the starting current is 25%-30% of the normal working voltage, not can not exceed 300A, after 15 minutes, it can use the normal working voltage.
2) When we use it, we should always check whether the fixture is clamped and whether the wire is loose to prevent component damage or other safety issues. to prevent component damage or other safety hazards.

3 silicon aluminum rods for continuous use than intermittent service life is longer, repeated heating and cooling of the electric furnace will cause frequent expansion and contraction of silicon aluminum law, resulting in part of the silica Protective film off, do not frequently use below 800 degrees Celsius.
4) Silicon platinum rods and silicon carbon rods are not the same, in the use of the process will not be aging, so the old rods and new rods can be used together
5) In the use of silicon dioxide protective film will be met with hydrogen reduction reaction will occur to destroy the silicon dioxide protective film, in the hydrogen atmosphere after use, should be used to After used in hydrogen atmosphere, it should be heated with air atmosphere at 1500°C for one hour to regenerate the protective film of silica on the surface of silversilver rods.