M Type SiC Heating element

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M Type SiC Heating element

SPK silicon carbide heating elements are manufactured from recrystallized high purity alpha silicon carbide rod or tubular form. Optimized structure of SiC particles make it have special characteristics as applied in industry and lab, which have the best service life particularly in oxidation and/or corrosive atmospheres. SPK SiC elements may be mounted either vertically or horizontally at the Max. operation temperature 1600℃ without any special supports, the elements will not deform. This provides a flexible furnace design for maximum interior design. Another feature is that elements can be replaced when the furnace is in continuous operation, thus avoiding a shutdown. Its high loading capacity is suitable for low-volume and high power conditions. Therefore, it is widely used in various high temperature electric furnaces and other electric heating devices, such as industrial applications involving magnetic, ceramics, powder metallurgy, glass, metallurgy and machinery.

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