Molybdenum crucible

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Molybdenum crucible

Molybdenum is a silver white metal with an atomic radius of 0.14nm, an atomic volume of 235.5px/mol, a coordination number of 8, and an Az type body centered cubic crystal system with a spatial group of O. No isomeric transformation has been found to date. The lattice parameters of molybdenum at room temperature range from 0.31467 to 0.31475nm and vary with impurity content. Molybdenum has a high melting point and ranks sixth among elemental substances in nature, known as a refractory metal. The density of molybdenum is 10.23g/cm ³, About half of tungsten (tungsten density 19.36g/cm) ³)。 The coefficient of thermal expansion of molybdenum is very low; Molybdenum has a higher thermal conductivity. Low molybdenum resistivity: 5.17 at 0 ℃ × 10 Ω· cm; 24.6 at 800 ℃ × 10

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